Contemporary Bedroom Lighting Types: Ceiling Lights, Wall lights, Reading lights and others

Contemporary bedroom wall lights

Right lamp choice can be determined by personal preferences, style or basic lighting design of the flat. But special feature of bedroom lighting is creation of comfort and relax.

Lighting Types

In contemporary interiors there are two groups of lighting:

Contemporary bedroom lighting
  • spotlights (floor, table and wall lights, shades);
  • entryway lights (ceiling lights, chandeliers and pendants).

There are chandeliers which have several modes, so you can always change light effect using your remote controller. There are pendant systems and ceilings as well, which look really eye-catching. Night sky effect is very popular and can suit you bedroom.

Depending on your ideas you can use lamps without their direct purpose: for example, illuminate different interior parts.

Choosing Type of Lighting

The best option for a modern bedroom is combined type of lighting (so you could switch on the lights alternatively). It is better to combine 2-3 (or more) lighting types. For example:

Contemporary bedroom wall lights
  • chandelier;
  • bedside sconces;
  • aqua illumination;
  • colored LED ceiling illumination;
  • floor lamp;
  • LED bed illumination on the floor etc.

If you have a special place for reading or working at a computer, there should be a special spotlight (for example, a table lamp).

Sometimes lanterns are chosen for original design (not for lighting): that can be space bodies, vases of illuminated grass or chandeliers in the form of roots of tree. Some lamps have special moving effects like lamps with warmed-up wax, for example.

Lighting for Classic Bedroom

If your room style is classic and you prefer furniture made of wood, your lighting system should consist of three types:

  • chandelier;
  • scones and floor lamps;
  • table lamps.
Advice! Lamps should be made of natural materials.

For example, that can be tin, bronze or silver. It can be also decorated with wood, crystal glass or different gilded details.

Lighting Installation

Depending on bedroom design, you can always use LED lamps. It is better to use special company’s service where they take all your desires into account. Of course, if you are sure that you have all needed fixtures and fittings, you can always do it by yourself.

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