Vanity Mirror with Lights for Bedroom and Its Benefits

Bedroom vanity sets with lighted mirror

As a rule, the bedroom is a place where a woman freshens herself up: combs her hair, applies makeup, picks up the outfit. Therefore, this room should have a mirror in full growth, well lightened with all the necessary sets and vanity table. Today many designers use the mirrors as a tool for creating different shapes and interiors in the room as mirrors have a unique feature to visually widen the space.

Nevertheless, we should not forget about the primary function of mirrors: leaving for work or a party, or returning from a walk, we always want to see how we look. This article will focus on the tips how to light the space at the mirror.

Bedroom mirror lights

Vanity Table

Vanity table requires appropriate lighting as it is the place where a woman puts her make-up on. Therefore, it is very important to organize this place in the right way. Leave free space in front of a mirror in a radius of 60 cm (a convenient distance for a human eye); properly illuminate the mirror, avoid creating unnecessary optical illusions like the exaggerated black circles under the eyes. In addition, the light should be soft and diffused in order not to blind your eyes.


Use the LED panels for your vanity table, as they emit a powerful light from the surface of a large area. As a result, they give a soft and steady light to your face and even the direct light of the lamps will not create discomfort by blinding your eyes.

Closet Area

The lighting in the closet area should help you choose outfits so it is also important to have a proper light around your mirror. For closet area, it is better to install 1-2 lamps located on the wall at 1 meter distance from the closet. It is better to use these lights with the general bedroom lighting fixtures, as the combination of direct and reflected light from the mirror will provide some imitation of the scattered light.

Vanity mirror with lights for bedroom

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