Low Light Outdoor Potted Plants: Pros and Cons

Light up outdoor plant pots
Outdoor lighting plantersIndirect light outdoor plantsHinkley plantation outdoor lightingLight up outdoor plant pots

If you don’t’ like artificial flowers but you want to add a new design element to your garden or fill some empty place, then combining traditional flower beds and plantations and outdoor potted plants […]

Outdoor Lighting for Parking Lots: Types and Its Benefits

Commercial outdoor parking lot lights
Led outdoor parking lot lightingCommercial outdoor parking lot lightsFluorescent outdoor parking lot lightsSolar parking lights outdoor

The lighting for the parking lot is not really about the style or design. Well-lit area is easily providing more safety for the cars parked in it as the trespassers are clearly seen and […]

Lawn Lights Illuminated Outdoor Decoration – Gorgeous Design Ideas and Pictures

Outdoor lawn lighting
Christmas lawn lights illuminated outdoor decorationOutdoor lawn lightingChristmas lawn lights illuminated outdoor decoration ledOutdoor lighted christmas gift boxes lawn decoration

You decorated the hell out of your garden and house for a special occasion? What’s left? Of course the lawn itself. It might look flat and featureless in the daytime, but you can still […]

Mid Century Modern Outdoor Lighting: Popular Design Items and Pictures

Mid century modern outdoor globe lighting
Mid century modern outdoor lightingMid century modern outdoor light fixturesMid century light fixtures outdoorMid century outdoor lighting

It’s a known fact that the fashion tends to come back every few decades. So it won’t be a surprise that one of the most stable trends of the last year is the mid-century […]

Outdoor Motion Light with Security Camera – Tips for Home Automation

Motion activated outdoor light with camera
Motion activated outdoor light with cameraOutdoor motion sensor light and cameraMotion sensor outdoor lights with video cameraMotion detector outdoor lights with the camera built in

When you’re planning the design of your landscape lighting there are many things to consider, but possibly one of the most important features is the additional security it can provide to your home. Good […]

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